Miscellaneous Thoughts

1. I'm making a moebius with Prism Cool Stuff (and no, I didn't pay retail...I bought it at a destash at KR). It is ridiculous to work with.The yarn changes every few yards from a lovely velvety ribbon to a scritchy scratchy sparkly non stretchy yarn. Unfortunately, it looks wonderful in a moebius. Pics soon.

2. I'm about done with "About Beauty" by Zadie Smith. I tried (but did not finish) her other books (White Teeth, The Autograph Man (?)) but I'm enjoying this one quite a bit.

3. Tim's socks are mysteriously unravelling. It is due to either poor knitting (probable), over-affectionate kittens (possible), washing machine issues (doubtful) or fairies.

4. Now that it is almost December, we're coming to the end of several reality shows that I (blush) follow and (double blush) actually really enjoy. Here are my mini-miscellaneous thoughts on this:

  • Survivor Rooting for: Rafe Will he win? Hmm. Not sure if he can 'outwit' the rest of the group.
  • The Apprentice Rooting for: Randall Will he win? Probably.
  • ANTM Rooting for: Nik. Will she win? Oh who knows. There's seems to be some type of Magic Model Formula that only Tyra Banks has access to in order to make decisions.
  • Prison Break Rooting for: Fish, Tbag, DB Cooper, Lincoln, and the Mafia Guy. Will they win? Not sure. They got renewed for Spring, so maybe they'll be cooling their heels in the Joliet Prison a bit longer.

    5. And I'm officially on a Yarn Fast (I like that better than a diet) until Stitches West. Yep, I"m going...with my SIL Candace.