Red Socks

red socks
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These red socks...knit two at a time on two circs, two up....are finally done. I can't even remember when I started on them. I just had enough 'television knitting' with other things that I didn't need a sock project. So, finally finished them and here they are. The pooling that you see in the picture isn't nearly as evident in the real socks. oh well. Mountain Colors Bearfoot. Can't complain.

I cast on...just one this time...for socks for Tim out of Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Ruby River or Red Ruby or Red River or Ruby Red is a pretty colorway.

I finally received a package that I bought at someone's stash reductoin on KR...two skeins of Prism Cool stuff in Pink, some Lorna's Laces, and some other sock yarn. Very cool. I'm excited, especially about the prism, and will probably do a moebius out of that.

We spent yesterday 'getting things done'...much was accomplished...lots of little tasks. Then last night I got slammed with what I think is food poisoning, which has made today quite the mellow day for me. And that's nice too, except for of course the food poisoning. Sometimes I guess we need a little reminder to relax.


Sheryl said…
The socks look great...sorry for taking so long to notice and comment. Sorry about the food poisoning. I had it last week too and it is no fun. I haven't used Mountain Colors yet...certainly seems to be a lapse in my yarn experience. We all need those relaxation reminders from time to time.