New (Knitting) Year Resolutions!

Real Knitting Content!

Notice Anything New?


Not a Creature was Stirring...

"And We Find Magic Everywhere"

2006 xmas socks

Holiday Meme

Meet the New Cotton Ease!

Best Laid Plans (don't read if you're squeamish) (Bonnie, this means you)


Decking the Halls for Dummies, pt 1

Fair isle Saga

Fair Isle Sweater: still too big

Contact Lens Update

Catching Up

Quick Update

In Which I Make Up for Several Days with No Photos

No Knitting Content Today

My Kingdom for a Sleeve Setter Inner

Thanksgiving Balance Sheet

We Gather Together...

Happy Birthday Tim!

Marble Arches

Join me at the Fair Isle

Hello, my name is Kim, and I'm originally a Midlander

Could I Be Less Exciting?

In Which I Contort so You Can See as Much Rogue as Possible

First Rogue spotting

Let us All Praise Nancie Wiseman...

Did ya ever...


Bit of a Funk

Happy Samhain!

Lots of Wips


Bad Blogger

Travelling and Knitting...

60 Days til Christmas

Me and Lace. Not so much.

Rogue Update

Getting out the Votives

Sock Schizophrenia


Rogue and Rain

National Knitting Week!

Building my log cabin..

In which I look Father Christmas in the eye and say..

This Just Might....