Clap On! Clap Off! Clapotis!

clapotis #1
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I started my clapotis, which is looking quite a bit like Leanne's . My goal is to have this completed to wear to Stitche's West in a month or so. It is a pretty fun knit, and I did drop my first stitch (on purpose) today and that was scarey and empowering all at the same time. I'm making it a bit narrower since I've read various places that three balls of Lion and Lamb isn't enough for the pattern as i did some math (Tim helped) and figured out how much of a bal lI could use on each section and well I'll stop now because this sounds like the nerdiest post ever written.


chittavrtti said…
Any clues to figuring out how long a skein will last are not "nerdy" they're helpful :)***CV
Leanne said…
I think its great that we are going to have Clappy cousins. There is someone else out there that commented on my blog, she's doing a Clappy in Black Pearl too!
ttbookjunkie said…
Your Clapotis is coming out great. I love the color choice.

steve said…
Figures. Just when I was finally getting into reading one of your knitting posts. Hahaha!