I'm Back!

I was gone for a while...I went to a conference in Reno (baby) and thought I'd be able to have time to post (and have something of interest to post), but not so much. Tim and I drove down...it is about a 7 hour drive through the beautiful high sierra mountains of Northern California.

The conference was fine...the American Academy of Advertising. i'm in charge of the research portion of the conference next year, and I spent a lot of time catching up with colleagues and meeting some new people. I think we played about $4 in the casino. Reno makes you wish that the whole world was non-smoking.

I did take knitting along, and got some knitting done in the car. Not very interesting: it is the garter stitch shawl from Fleece Artist. It is knit lengthwise (ie 135 stitches on the needle) and is about halfway done. It's made with mohair and some type of boucle. Anyway. Pictures as soon as we dig the camera out of the luggage.

It is great to be home with the dogs and cats...one of the grad students, Hillary, sat with them and took wonderful care of them. We're so happy and lucky to have her help us out.

So, pics soon!


Bonnie said…
I can't really take Reno or Vegas too much anymore b/c of the smoke. It makes my hair so darned smelly!