Hate 'em.

I didn't have allergies til we moved to Oregon. I love this state, but it has to be the most allergan-rich place in the world. We are currrently suffering through high level of Trees and medium levels of Grass pollen, the combination of which is a double whammy of suffering.

Which is why I have little to post. That, and business at work (five weeks....five WEEKS left). Anyway..I'm so tired at the end of the day that I lay my head down and moan. So little knitting has been done...although I am at the shaping portion of the tank.

I am going to buy some more yarn, though, to make the Green Gables tank. . Alyssa is making this one and it looks fun. Knit in the round, too, which of course I like. So I think an off white or some other neutral color, maybe, for me for this one. Off to The Knit Shop to check out what they have.


JoanM said…
You have my sympathy with the allergies. I thought it was fairly wet in Oregon which would help with the pollens. I have allergies to rye grass which blows from the inland, also wattles, pine, and anything with perfume.

I love the Green Gables top. It would be a great summer knit for you