Black Sheep Gathering: Part One

klaus and teyani
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Or: I came, I saw, I bought a lot of fiber.

I spent the morning at the BSG, and had a great time. My overall impression was that there was *much* less yarn than last year and perhaps more fiber. There was more jewelry and 'ancillary' stuff. Enough to enjoy, but not overwhelming. I was there as soon as the doors opened and instead of doing the vendor area methodologically I was dashing hither and yon to make sure I had good choices for what I wanted to buy.

It was great meeting Teyani and Klaus of Crown Mountain Farm . I've purchased from them online and we visit eachothers blogs, but I've never met them in person. I went up to Teyani and asked "are you Teyani?" and when she said yes, I said "I"m Kim" and she and Klaus knew who I was (and what I had ordered). They were so nice and helpful. They're friends with Sheila and Michael, who I had just seen at the Gathering (and got a bunch of stuff, but that is for another post).

crown mountain farms fiber
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The red is superwash merino, which Klaus is confident I can spin into socks. The blue is merino, which Teyani occasionally knits up as a single. I'll hopefully spin it into some yarn to be used as a bag (hi person who I took our picture who had this yarn in a bag! You make turkish spindles but I can't remember your name!).

I also met Jen who blogs in Seattle and whose Mom lives just down the street from MDSW. Hi Jen and Hi Jen's Mom!

Anyway, I'm suffering a bit of fiber overload at the moment. More to come, including my visits with the wonderful ladies at Blue Moon Fiber Arts!

The BSG goes until Sunday afternoon, if you're in the Eugene area do stop by and say hi to Teyani and Klaus and Sheila and Michael.


Bonnie said…
Looks like fun. Wish I could have been in Eugene for the BSG. Bummer!

I will be in Eugene in October, I don't suppose I'd be lucky enough to have a fiber or knitting event to go to then. Would I?
jenknits said…
Hi Kim! It was great to meet you! I am enjoying reading about your BSG adventures. I can't wait to see what Sheila's buttons look like on your socks that rock socks. They were so pretty!