BSG pt. 2, under the Blue Moon

blue moon ladies
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Me and the Blue Moon ladies....together at last! It was meant to be.

They're so nice, the Blue Moon ladies (it's Tina on the right, I'mnot sure who on the left). So nice. They loved my Rock and Weaves. They were incredibly helpful. They love their products and lock when you love their products too. Can I live in Scappoose?

blue moon bamboo
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I've wanted to try bamboo yarn for a while, so i was excited when I saw this Bambu. Not tough enough for socks, but it looks like it will knit up into either a shrug or a shawl. It's a neutral yet gorgeous colorway.

blue moon diva
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This yarn is a laceweight rayon that sparkles. It can be used as a carry along or to in a shimmery lightweight shawl (which i think I"ll do). The colorway is diva.

omg they make roving
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Did you know that Blue Moon did roving? I didn't. They had some roving in the same terrific colorways as the rest of the yarns. This I think is Red Rooster,but I'm not sure.

blue moon sock yarn
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And of course, no purchase from Blue Moon would be complete without sock yarn. The left hand yarn is called "Heavy metal", which I've already cast on for a pair of socks for my former Phd student Kati. Kati has a job at Marquette University,and their colors are blue and gold. On the right is Ruby Slippers, which is a colorway I've always loved and now may turn into some lace socks for me.


Stephanie said…
The Bambu you got is beautiful. I agree it would make a lovely shawl. Those colors would go with everything. Let us know how you like it when you knit it up.
Alyssa said…
Ooooh, I'm so jealous. The colors you picked are all beautiful. I'll be interested to hear your opinion on their bamboo.