It's a Sweater. Trust me.

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Here is the Elann sweater, a top down lace cardigan. Don't feel bad if you have no idea what is up and what is down on this sweater...most of the time neither do I. The needles at the bottom are holding the two this pattern you knit the yoke, then the sleeves, then the rest of the body (although in retrospect, I could have knit the body and THEN the sleeves, I don't think the knitting police would come and arrest me). But...since the sleeves are meant to be done two at a time on two circs, the body (if it were done) would probably get in the way. Whatever.

We've been busy: aside from work and school, we had dinner Thursday night with my "Uncle" Ollie (my mom's cousin) and his new bride, Jackie. I think I posted this earlier: Unclie Ollie is 80, lost his wife about 4 years ago, and now has happily remarried. I think that is so cool. We had a fun dinner with them and their friends Rod and Mary, and I hope I have their energy and sensibility in 30 years!

Last night was a retirement cocktail party for three of my colleagues.

Today we're heading up the McKenzie to do a 3 mile hike with the dogs.

So as you might imagine, there has been minimal knitting time, but that's OK.

Oh! Before I forget: if you have the Summer Knitter's magazine, look at the Stitches ad on page 41. The small image of a woman with short hair in a striped tunic: that's my Sister in Law Candace! She modeled that at Stitches West when we were there in February! And now she is a famous Stitches Model! Pretty cool.