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Finally! Knitting and Spinning Stuff!

First off, here are my finished Jaywalkers. Well, actually they're Tim's. I did these toe up with a short row heel. Since I'm not afraid of picking up heel stitches anymore, I'm going to go back to doing some cuff down socks just to see if I can get a better look on the heel (ie no little holes that have to be fixed). I just can't get the hang of the extra-stitch-twisted thing to get rid of those little holes. And I didn't have that problem on the STR Rock and Weaves. So.

Second, I blocked the Aran Lace sweater....and BLOCKING ROCKS. The sweater now has proper length sleeves and looks terrific. I'll take pics as soon as it is finished drying (of course a sopping wet sweater can be tried on, but not photographed).

look, I spin too
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In preparation for my spinning class, I've been trying to spin for an hour a day. Luckily (or not), I've either got the Mother of All head colds or else Allergies a Go Go, and haven't felt like doing anything outside the house for the past two days. So I've done lots of knitting and spinning. This is a hand dyed corriedale from a local alpaca farm. I may have enough for socks (!!!!) but who knows.

And finally, Black Sheep Gathering starts tomorrrow! I plan on arriving as soon as the big doors open and here is my game plan/shopping list:

1. First stop: the bellwether since last year they had Koigu on sale for something like $5.
2. Second stop: Socks that Rock. I received an email yesterday from Kaci telling me to introduce myself to everyone at the booth. I'm taking my Rock and Weaves to show them and to shop at my
3. Third stop: Sheila and Michael Ernst's booth to see if I can find some buttons for my socks.

And then....miles of fiber fun. I am looking for sock yarn and beautiful fiber to spin. SO EXCITED!!!