Life is Just....

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Today is my first day done with classes, the first 'official' day of my sabbatical, and I feel so relieved. Relieved.

These beauties came from a cherry tree in our backyard...we've had the tree for several years, and have harvested maybe a dozen cherries over the years. This year, though, some type of harmonic convergence has resulted in dozens and dozens of delicious cherries for us.

What does that expression mean, anyway, life is just a bowl of cherries?

It was a good weekend. Graduation is always bitter sweet to me...I never realize how much I'll miss some students until they're standing in front of me, capped and gowned, with huge smiles on their faces. It was even harder this year because we celebrated my PhD student's completion of all her hard work...and now she's Dr. Tusinski, and off to Germany for three weeks, and then off to her new career at Marquette in Milwaukee. I'll miss her very, very much.

We had a great time at Kati's party on Saturday, and then last night Tim and I went to dinner at El Vaquero, a great tapas place in Eugene.

I've been spinning now, in preparation for my class on Sunday with Judith McKenzie McCuin. Yes, Black Sheep Gathering weekend is finally here!

I made my summer to do list and didn't even freak out about it. Lots of interesting projects, research wise, administration wise, and of course knitting wise!


Alyssa said…
Happy Summer! This is always the time of year that makes me jealous of all my teacher friends...I know you all work so hard during the year and that summer is your reward. I just read a pretty amazing book that you might enjoy- The Sparrow by Russell. I highly recommend it.

Oh, and I'm glad I'm not the only one that immediately ordered those KnitPicks needles - we'll have to compare notes:)
trek said…
I'm already ready for summer vacation to end and it only just started....sigh..
Ling said…
Enjoy the break! How long is your sabbatical?

Amazing cherries. Very impressive!
gail said…
Congrats on graduating a PhD student!!! Lots of work for you and the student. Do you have a real funded sabbatical? My husband had a sabbatical in 2004-05 and we lived in Barcelona Spain. Fabulous! His research institute was located directly on the beach.
jenknits said…
We have a cherry tree too. We didn't even know it was a cherry until our 4th summer in this house, when it had fruit. We had so many cherries, we shared with the birds! This year - not a single one. The cherry gods were not smiling down on us this year.