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Here's the finished little pink top. I made this out of some cotton-ease that I've had in the stash for a year or so. Fortunately, the reminaders will soon be joined by six more skeins that I just bought on eBay.

I don't understand the wisdom of yarn companies when they discontinue a good, workhorse, popular yarn. I love me the cotton ease. Lion Brand, are you listening?

Anyway, the little pink top is knit from the top down on circular needles. No seams. I made a bit of a blooper trying to give it some shaping at the waist (now I know why you knit a plain row after every decrease row, but it looks fine when it is worn).

ps. Flickr is being temperamental. I rotated the photo so it is 'supposed' to be a normal looking picture of a t shirt (ie the yoke at the TOP, not at the SIDE. If you click on the photo, you'll see it correctly. Sorry for the problem.

pss. Never mind.


Alyssa said…
Cute top - I agree that cotton ease is a great economical yarn. I have no idea what their thinking was in getting rid of it.