Marquette Socks!

marquette socks
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My former Phd student Kati is leaving Eugene to start her new academic life as an Assistant Professor at Marquette University in Milwaukee. I promised her a pair of socks in Marquette colors (blue and gold) about six months ago, and promptly forgot. I remembered at her graduation, when I realized I only had about a month to get them done. And then i promptly forgot about making them til last Friday at the Black Sheep Gathering.

Where thank heavens, i found this colorway, "heavy metal' in Socks That Rock Medium Weight. I used a baby cable rib pattern for the ribbing and a traditional heel (not sure what this is called, but your basic cuff down heel). Yes, I've discovered that I can pick up stitches like a champ. Not sure when I acquired this skill but whatever. I cast on for these when, maybe last Saturday?, and they're done today. The leg isn't very long...just twenty rows til the heel starts. And the medium weight is great because I only cast on 48 stitches for the sock, so it all works up pretty fast.

I also did some spinning today and returned to work on my first real lace project...we had a cloudy day today and I spent most of the day knitting in celebration of the clouds.


Yvonne said…
Hi Kim - Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm so envious that you had so much time at BSG. It was very much a rush-through shopping excursion for me. Next year, I'll plan ahead & work in some classes, too. Your socks are great!
JulieLoves2Knit said…
Kim - that was fast!! I actually tried something with my Sock Candy - the flip flop socks that Blue Moon had at the booth - but my flip flops are two tight for socks - so will rip and do something else - amybe there is enough for short socks - I only bought one skein of Sock Candy.....
BSG was really fun - wish I could have met up with other bloggers - that would have made it wonderful. Did enjoy myself and I stayed in my budget!!!!!
Jodie said…
You finished those so quick! Very beautiful. I haven't been able to work on much this last week. :(
Cheryl said…
Thanks for visiting my blog. Didn't realize but you're one of my flicr contacts. BSG is always fun and I love visiting Eugene too. Next year I'm going to sit in the spinner's circle and try to connect with more fiber bloggers.