Not done!

other farm fiber
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I still have more to show you from the BSG. This is fiber that I bought from Dayspring Farm, a small farm in Corvallis, Oregon. There's over a pound of fiber each, so I should get enough for a sweater out of them.

I finished the first sock out of my new STR (in heavy metal) and have also spun quite a bit (I love not working, obviously). I've also been purchasing beads to do some spinning and knitting with beads, which I think is so pretty.

And I have even more to show you...the glass beads I purchased from Sheila and Michael and the buttons for my Rock 'n' Weave...but I'll wait til I actually put them ON the garments.

I got about halfway through "Widdershins" by Charles De Lint and put it just got too creepy for me. And there were also too many charachters. If you're a De Lint fan, please let me know what books of his you like, because I did like the writing, just not the particular book. I have "The Stolen Child" waiting which is another fantasy book (I guess fantasy books are the new hot book category). And some mysteries. So I should be pretty much set for reading for a bit.