Rabbit Rabbit

Happy First of June. I remember a song from High School chorus that was part of a medley from some musical...Carousel maybe....."June is Bustin' Out all Over". The end of the song goes:

"Because it's JU-uu-uuuu-uuu--u--ne" (sung in a high voice) "JuneJuneJune" (sung in a low voice).

It doesn't make a lot of sense.

Anyway. June. Always a weird month in Oregon as summer tries to make its presence known and winter tried not to give it up to her (notice no spring in that allegory. Yes, that's Oregon). Today it is cloudy and very humid for Oregon, and it is supposed to rain rain rain later today. Tim heads down to San Jose for niece Jean's graduation, and I'll stay here and work.

Knitting is fine, thank you. While I started the top from the Sally Melville book I was a bit loosey goosey on the gauge (the story of my life), and ended up with a top that instead of being 19" across (the back, I mean) was 28. So since a 56" top would not be too flattering on me, I frogged it and did another top down sweater a la Green Gables but with a slight difference. Pics tomorrow. In the meantime, it's Juuuuuuuuuuunnne. JuneJuneJune.


steve said…
I missed the "rabbit" connection....
Anonymous said…
I think the song is from "Oklahoma".