So pretty

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I love this new yarn...I spun it from some romney I purchased at Rolly's farm a month or so ago. This yarn features 'before' and 'after' my class on Sunday...I can easily see where I got more consistent. This yarn is pretty well balanced and I think I'll make a mobius out of it. It's very pretty.

I had coffee today with Jodie today at Perugino. We gabbed and knit for a couple of hours (well, Jodie had to answer my incessant personal questions non stop, when will I learn that maybe EVERYONE doesn't want to tell me every detail of their life the first time they meet me?). It was very fun. She is so talented...check out her beautiful dye work on her blog. Her knitting talent puts me to shame, but then I rationalize that since she is a violinist she has much mroe hand coordination than I ever will.


Alyssa said…
Hi Kim,
I'm glad you like the Stolen Child. I thought it was pretty neat.
I'm not going to be knitting the lotus tank, but I'll look forward to seeing yours:) What color are you going to use?
I'm really glad to have "met" another knitter who loves to read as much as I do:) Happy summer!
Lavendersheep said…
I really love Rolly's farm. She has such pretty things. While I was still in Eugene she was a constant temptation. Now I just see her at shows and have to buy something =)
Jodie said…
You are making me blush! I had such a wonderful time yesterday.

You are going to have to share all the places you get your fiber. I love your spun yarn, its beautiful! Even though Black Sheep was just a week ago, I'm itching for more. (It must be the new wheel).