Summer Knitting

I'm almost done with grading and work...graduation is Saturday morning, and then I'm pretty much done. So I've started to think about Summer Knitting...even though it is cloudy, showery, and in the 60s here in Oregon this week. Oh well, summer knitting! What's on my agenda?

1. Finish the Aran Afghan: I think I have four squares left and then need to put it together. And just get it done.
2. Christmas gifts: felted clogs, wire knit candle holders, and an afghan for my brother (made with really, really big yarn).
3. Socks. Socks socks socks. I'm no longer afraid of picking up stitches so I can revisit some top down patterns. Socks.
4. Top down sweaters using yarn I've had for years in my stash. I still hate seaming, so I want to do some more top down stuff. I'm going to try my hand at designing some stuff too. I have enough handspun for a sweater for Tim, so I want to do that too.
5. Jodie's Market Bag that was in the new Mag Knits. And to have coffee with Jodie and knit some stuff with her.
6. Spinning. I want to improve on my spinning, and as I'm taking a class in a week and a half at the BSG I need to get less rusty. And maybe get together with Sheila and do some knitting or spinning.

That sounds pretty good...and believe it or not I have most of the yarn to accomplish all these things. So those are my summer goals. What are yours?


Jodie said…
I hate how yucky and grey it's been. Where's summer?

Can't wait to have coffee. :)
Steve said…
Summer goals? Oh, I dunno, maybe seeing our kitchen remodel actually reach completion... that would be real nice! Finishing the patio would be cool, too.
trek said…
Summer goals? I am teaching my preschooler at home this summer because she likes school so much and class is done for the year.
Tim Sheehan said…
Summer goals? Make you happy!

Happy 11th!

gail said…
Congratulations on completing your grading!! As for my summer goals, I will be re-knitting a Violets by the River Shawl, designed by Hazel Carter. I knit my first one in 2005 while sitting in a wonderful park in Barcelona, where we were living at the time. This winter I lost the shawl!!! I can't believe I lost it. I loved, loved, loved that shawl. We are returning to Barcelona for a month this summer. Therefore, my vacation knitting will be another Violets shawl!!! To be knit in th same place, so as to have the same memories.