Sunday Blues

Tim is out of town for Niece Jean's graduation from high school and I must admit, I'm a bit lonely. I've been busy: had a very full work day on Friday, have another full week coming up (the last week of classes woohoo). I had lunch with Jen and Evan yesterday (Evan is about to be ONE! Can you believe it?) and have cleaned the kitchen, two bathrooms, and our bedroom. I've taken long walks wtih dogs. I've started "The Eight" by Katherine Neville (it's the year of mystical fiction, I tell ya) and have been knitting knitting knitting.

I'll be glad when he gets back tomorrow afternoon.

Knit wise...I started this lace cardigan from using the recommended yarn. It is going really, really fast...I guess that's what lace on fairly big needles gets ya. And I'm finishing up a pink cotton short sleeve sweater, adapted from the green gables pattern. And sock two is coming along nicely. So that's good.

I might have to take a wee nap now.


Alyssa said…
Sounds like a lovely Sunday afternoon:) That's a really neat lace cardigan.
Bonnie said…
When my hubby would go out of town, I would be so excited. I would think of all the things I like to do but can't with him and look forward to every single minute he would be gone.

Of course, it always turned out that what I wanted to do took half a day max. Trip to the lys, order my favorite take out and rent a girly cheesy movie. So within 12 hours I was lonely and wishing for his return.

I understand where you are at. Maybe try some curry take-away to pass the time?