another lady e
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I've knit a bit more since I took this picture, and Lady E is about 4/7ths of the way done. It is at the point where this shawl is very heavy and almost getting to be a pain to knit because of its size...but I still really enjoy it. It just flies by on the needles. I've given up trying to finish it before vacation...mostly because I don't think I'll have room in my suitcase to pack it!


Ling said…
It's looking great. I really must START mine!!!
Lori said…
I love the colorway you chose! I have ordered a bag of Silk Garden for my Lady E. It's my January knitting project!
Blogless Kim said…
I recently bought enough Silk Garden to do a Lady E, and I'm enjoying watching your progress. Mine has several more projects ahead of it, though, and my pace is slow because I don't have much time to knit. Had you done entrelac before? I might try an entrelac purse or a garterlac washcloth before I start Lady E.
Kim in Oregon said…
Blogless Kim: I did the Market Squares bag, which was an entrelac felted bag done in the round. I honestly believe Lady E is a bit easier than the Market squares bag...although the MS bag is a very fast knit, so it has that going for it. The pattern is in "Bags, a Knitters Dozen".
Donna said…
Oh, this is beautiful! I'm going to remember it for my next blanket project.

Life's a Stitch said…
I can't wait to start mine. The yarn's just waiting for me to finish something else.

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