60 Days til Christmas

another washcloth
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Thanks for all the kind words about my issues with lace. I was ready to frog the whole thing yesterday but after reading comments this morning I decided not to frog...yet. But it will be put away for a while.

I've done lace NOT with lace weight...I've done branching out, cats paw, some socks with lace...but nothing with lace weight. Maybe I'm having problems with that. I also don't think I do yo's correctly..I think often I end up with a few extra stitches after a yo. So. My thought right now is to take a lace knitting class....maybe at Madrona next January or at the BSG in June.

crochet wire
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So, in my 'I"m a miserable lace knitter" mood yesterday, I decided to finish up a Christmas gift and knit a washcloth out of Cotton Chenille. I've knit one already, and the gift is for my BIL's gf who is working on an online degree in accounting as well as working full time. I thought I'd give her a 'bubble bath' kit which will include two washcloths, bubble bath, and two votive candles. I crocheted this bead and wire accent for the votives, which I think looks very cool.

I learned how to crochet with wire this morning (!!!) from Annie Modesitt's new book, "Twist and Loop". It's a fun book.


pat said…
you should keep doing the wire crochet, you will love doing this kind of work. i've been working in wire for 26yrs, wire wrap freeform, but about 10 yrs ago discovered the finer gauges and have been in love with it ever since.

when you want to work in beads with it, try the afghan stitch,it worksup just beautifully, a loomed look...

you can also thread on your beadsoup collection, or just an assortment of beads and work up in freeform crochet to get amazing pieces. beads will always show on the back of the work,it is fun not to peak.
pat moses-caudel
Carol said…
What a cool gift idea! Love the blues...