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Nothing says October and the return of fall like a little black cat snuggling down amidst the bedclothes. This is our seizure kitty, Stella, who doesn't show up on the blog very often since it isnt' that easy to take photos of black cats. She's not very well socialized, and doesn't reall y hang out wiht us very much. Once the weather turns, though, she likes to snuggle down on our pillows and last night, for the first time in months, I woke up in the middle of the night and Stella was snuggled down between us.

I can't tell you how happy this makes me!

lori socks
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And I finished the Crown Mountain Farms socks using the yarn I got from Lori . These are very comfy cozy socks, and number two knit up very quickly. Love them. Thanks again Lori!

So. Guess what. I completed half of my Mom's christmas gift this weekend! So I'll post that as soon as I get the second half finished. I also got a very broad hint from my MIL as to what she would like for Christmas, so that can be started pretty soon too. I feel like I'm a bit more on top of the Christmas gift picture than I used to be.

Not bad for the beginning of October.


Alyssa said…
I love snuggly kitties in the winter. She's a beauty.
Lori said…
I must say I love the Lori Socks! hee hee!
gail said…
Congratulations on all your finished projects--and the half doneness of your mom's christmas present. I was trying to finish all my UFO's before starting a new project (such as christmas presents) but I am bogged down with the realization that if I finish all my projects before doing christmas knitting--I won't start christmas 2006 presents until about March 2007.
Your kitty is sweet, even if she is shy.
aija said…
Great looking socks! I miss snuggly pets (I can't count my kid!)
Bonnie said…
Cute sockies! And cute kitty too!