Travelling and Knitting...

..really don't go together too well, at least for me.

I'm blogging today from the Los Gatos Lodge in Los Gatos, California...and I don't think we'll even have time for a yarn store trip. :-(. We're here to celebrate my sister-in-law Candace's birthday (it's a monumental one) and much of Tim's family has gathered. We left Thursday evening and drove part way, and then drove the rest of the way yesterday. I probably finished about 5 inches on the sleeves of Rogue, and did about an inch or two more of Central Aire last night. I can sort of, but not really, knit in the starts to bother my back pretty quickly. And I get car sick which of course adds to the fun.

We did bring audiobooks to listen to and listened to a pretty funny book by Amy Sedaris called "I Like You'. It's not great literature but it did give us some excellent ideas about Tip Jars.

Hope your weekend is good!