A Happy Clappy

Gifts Given and Received

Christmas Wishes!

You know what this means!

Happy Solstice!

My Daemon

Oh, just a bunch of stuff

Could anything be harder to photograph..

In Which I Finish some Stuff

It looks better in person

The Second-to-Last Picture of the Fan Bag!


House Sweater!

I have no more ideas for cute fan titles


Fan Addict

Home Stretch

Interestingly enough, it is my least favorite color

Fun Fun Fan Fan

I'm a Fan!

House Sweater

A Border without an Afghan

Stella...just because...

Assembling Arwen

News Flash!!!!

And it all just slowly falls apart

18 inches left!

A few days late...

View from the back

Congratulations Camille!

Mystery Photo!

Tell Me, Have You Ever Tried...

I Swear, This is a Different Picture

C and C

Socks! Done!

What should I make?

So close!

Half a sweater...

Oh What a Tangled Yoke We Weave

Coming Attractions

I'm dizzy!

You Want Some Boring Knitting Pictures?

Quiet Times in the Blogosphere


Arwen Update

Old Socks New Socks

Reality Nibbles

Charity Blanket

I've Had Mail!