Everybody's Got Something to Hide

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...except for me and my Monkeys.

Did you ever have a blog post title so perfect you couldn't wait to post it? That's me today! I finished my Monkey Socks from Knitty, done in STR in, what? I can't recall the color. Smoky Topaz I think. Smoky some type of rock.

These were fun to make, it's a complex enough lace pattern (lace! lace!) that you don't get bored but it's not so hard you can't lose the plotline in, say, Law and Order. Toward the end there I could even knit them during "The Wire", but that's only because I was doing the foot and I used plain stockinette for the foot.

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Here's a close up...the pattern is very cool but it's hard to see on photographs. I used a size 0 needle because the pattern repeat is 16 stitches, and 64 stitches is usually way too much for me. So the fabric is a bit denser than it might be if these were knit on the 'right' size needles (say a 1 or a 2).

I had a moment of panic last night because I finished my cotton-easy sweater too and I was at that 'what next?' moment...I really didn't have anything new planned! Hard to believe. However, i designed a pair of sox in my head last night (aran pattern) and also a new felted bag so I'll be starting on those! Stay tuned!


Carol said…
Love when a good title floats around in my head. Did you ever get a good title that makes the post? The socks are just beautiful!