Do the Math!

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Size 0 Needles + Tim's Feet=Socks that Take a Long Time to Make

Finally finished these socks in Trekking XXL. I like this yarn but I'm not overly enchanted with it as others are. I guess for a moderately priced sock yarn it's fine. It just took forever to do these socks.

I managed to make them match (pretty much) and they feel good, and they're done. Ta da!

So I'm wondering what to start next. I have some Cascade Fixation that I want to try on a pair of is supposed to go fast. I'm also thinking about entrelac socks in the STR foo foo that I purchased at Madrona. I'm also thinking about the Tempting Top in light blue cotton ease that is in the stash. I also want to make a linen stitch shawl out of all my homespun.



Carol said…
Very nice socks! Sounds like you're in project overload:) It's so hard to pick sometimes, we have so many great things available to knit and to knit with!
Knitopia said…
Oh my gosh, I could not stand to knit man socks on size 0's. That's quite an accomplishment!
Kim said…
How inspiring! I'm working on a pair of socks right now with size 0 needles, and my eyes are having a terrible time with it. The yarn is a dark brown lace-weight that I bought in Madrona from Toots LeBlanc. Beautiful stuff, but tough to see the stitches. I think I need one of those old-lady magnifiers to hang around my neck.
Bonnie said…
The socks are great looking! I am sure he loves them too.

Sometimes the hardest part of finishing a projec tis deciding what to do next. The Cotton Ease sounds yummy! I love the feel of that yarn.