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one horcrux
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Can you see the lightning bolts on the sock?
On the cuff?
It's a horcrux sock, from the Six Sock Knitalong, that I'm knitting in honor of re-reading HP5+6 and the anticipation of 7. It needs blocking (obviously) but I really had fun knitting this sock (and I"m having fun knitting #2 also). It's done in Panda Cotton in the Blueberries and Grapes colorway. I really like Panda Cotton...it's something like half bamboo, and it is a bit splitty but with the KP options needles it works fine.

I bought more of this in the circus colorway when Woodland Woolworks had a 20% off sale.

I also almost finished the icey blue tank, just need to seam shoulders and then do the neckline, and that is done. I had a nice afternoon (rainy) yesterday, sitting with Shasta and reading and knitting. I read the new book by Nicole Mones, "The Last Chinese Chef" which was very good. I really like her books: she also wrote "Lost in Translation" and a book about chinese pottery which was also good (was it called "A Cup of Light"?).

I started Barbara Kingsolver's book "Animal Vegitable Miracle" last night...very interesting...and certainly is pointing me toward shopping much more often at the Farmer's market this summer.

I have a lot of yarn in the stash to do a sweater, which might be next on the list. We'll see.

Shasta is still with us...the prednisone gives her a good appetite and she seems a bit happier than she has been...we haven't had the 'mama I don't feel well' look for a day or so.


Alyssa said…
I'm knitting with Panda Cotton right now too. It is a bit splitty, but those Knit Picks needles help.

I printed out the Horcrux sock pattern. I also have some Blueberries and Grapesw Panda Cotton. Should I be a complete copy cat? ;)

Glad to hear Shasta is doing alright. Sure puts everything into perspective. Every day we have with our furry children is a gift.
Kathy said…
Kim, I love your socks. Glad your pup is feeling a bit better.

I came to you from Lings musinganddoing blog. She lists you as a daily read. She is down. She is so tired. She is nearing the end of her pregnancy and overwhelmed with nesting guilt.

WOnt you join me in giving her a timesaving tip and some encouragement? I suggested she do paper plates for the next month.....that alone will save her time. thanks
Carol said…
As always, I do love your socks and I'm so happy Shasta feels good. At least she's feeling loved and comfortable:)