So Lucky!

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I'm so lucky to be in the Lucky Lurker Sock Club. This pile of loverliness arrived in the mail today...a little bag to carry a sock in progress around in, a magnet, a tape measure (I.Love.Tape.Measures) and some extra yarn for heels and toes. And the best thing: a little card with kitchener instructions on it. Much better than trying to remember if you start "knit off purl on" or vice versa.

I've said great things about A Swell Yarn Shop and the beautiful duet yarns, and I now love them even more.


Kim said…
GREAT idea, the card with kitchener instructions!

Love the cute little bag, too!
Alyssa said…
I was so excited to get my little kit too! Now I really can't wait for the first shipment. :)