Arwen Update

arwen: right side
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I've been spending some time with Arwen, mostly because I'm in the sleeve vortex with my Tangled Yoke cardi and it is going oh so slowly. I do like the Arwen and have to keep reminding myself that I won't have to do sleeves when I finish the body, as the sleeves are part of the fronts, as you can see here.

Did that make sense?

The pattern is interesting (in a good way) in that once you finish the sleeve you kitchener the sides of the cuff together. So, now I have a right side, a sleeve without a seam, and a cuff that is finished. I have the hood to do on the right side and then the fun beings again with the left side.

arwen cuff
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And here is said cuff, taken wiht a very bright flash so you can see some of the cable pattern. It is so pretty, and it is almost (almost) straightforward enough that I don't need to read the chart any longer.

We're off for a paddle today which may be one of the last paddles of the season, given the early fall we've been having here in Oregon (happy fall everyone, by the way).

I heard on the news that Marcel Marceau died...and flashed back to when I was in college and a bunch of us went to see him downtown in Chicago. I recall only bits and pieces of it, specifically that he was pretty much what you would expect him to be, he did the "Bip" character, that the tickets were the most I had ever paid for something, and that he took something like 25 curtain calls (not an exaggeration). I also recall thinking he was very old when we saw him, but realze today he was only a few years older than I am now.
I know I'm on of the last people on the Planet to read "Water for Elephants" but it is a terrific book. It is a bit hard for me to read sometimes, being such an animal lover and with death sort of close to the surface in the book (and at our house), but it is a very compelling story.


Kim in Oregon said…
Where did everybody go?
Rachel said…
I was wondering about that aspect of Water for Elephants...I've heard it's fantastic but I hate all aspects of animals in the circus and didn't know if I would be able to handle the book. How bad is it with respect to animal mistreatment and death?

btw--Arwin is looking great...I'd so like to start it myself but I can't seem to do more than a few rows on small things every other night. Frustrating!