Reality Nibbles

I was in an all day meeting on Tuesday, and spent yesterday driving up and back to Portland for a lunch presentation, and I got lost on the way home, so two days have been sucked, literally sucked, away. The good news is that I was able to knit during most of the Tuesday meeting and now am finishing off the toe of Tim's socks. That means I get to cast on for a new sock using Cat Bordhi's new book, and I'm very excited about that. Now just to figure out which yarn from la stash will be lucky enough to get the Cat Bordhi Treatment!

Other than that, things are fine here. Cody is doing pretty well, his most recent blood work came up fine. Our Eugene vet is a bit concerned he's not gaining weight, our Corvallis vet is thrilled he isn't losing weight, so I guess everything is fine in that regard.

We had a fun dinner wtih our friends Steve and Jen last Sunday night, and we are looking forward to meeting their new baby girl who is tentatively scheduled to arrive in late December. We had a brief discussion about names on Sunday, and then last night while watching "America's Next Top Model" we were introduced to the name "Spontaneuse" which might be one for them to consider. (FYI, that would be pronounced "Spon-Tane-Ee-Ooze").

It reminded me of a story that my friend Elizabeth Speers told me: she was riding on the subway in New York and overheard the following speech from a mother to her daughter: "Spatula. I have two words for you. Be Hayve."

So Steve and Jen, we propose Spontaneuse and Spatula for your consideration.