I've Had Mail!

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This week's mail has brought a bunch of wonderful surprises to me, and I wanted to share them all with you. Plus there is a little knitting if you wait a bit til the end (or else just scroll down). Anyway, my friend Jodie organized a charity blanket swap, where you knit a square of a blanket, attach it to said blanket, and then send it along to the next knitter with some gifties and such. The blanket arrived from Florida this week, accompanied by some treats including beautiful yarn and this little guy, a snail, which of course is practically the Official Animal of Oregon. This snail was made by Lauren, who is very talented as well as a great knitter.

charity blanket
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The blanket itself is a bit of a potpourri (in a good way) and I was stymied for a bit on how to add something unique that didn't clash too much with the rest of the blanket. So if you'll look closely, you'll see the three colors of yarn I'm going to use to make a bias square for my part of the blanket. The colors should fit in fine wtih the ones relatively adjacent to the square. The yarns are mission falls wool and some rowan botany (two strands held together). I started yesterday for a bit and it seems to be going well and looking pretty good.

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Yesterday, the mail brought my "Virtual Vacation" from Jan in Virginia! The idea of this swap was locaiton best: I sent my 'downstream' person, Aileen, a box of stuff from Oregon (STR, euphoria chocolate, and duck stuff) and I received a box from my 'upstream' person. It was all a surprise, and I found out yesterday that my upstream person was Jan. She sent a great box filled with Virginia and DC things, including a Capital Monuments dishtowel that I love, Virginia nuts, Panda Cotton, and the cutest little sheepie kit. And wonderful postcards, and more. What a great vacation! Thanks so much Jan!

lcuky lurfer
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And the first shipment of the Lucky Lurker sock club came in the mail. Angela, of A Swell Yarn Shop does beatiful dyework. And her yarn feels great. I absolutely adore this colorway.

I've been thinking a lot about sock clubs in the past few weeks, as it is time to decide whether I'll renew my STR club membership. I think I'm going to take a pass for next year. I have plenty of STR yarn, and I'm finding myself more attracted by other yarns. I just haven't been loving the colorways of the STR club this year, and I think I'd rather just buy what I'd like. So there you go.

t sock
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And finally....some knitting. As much as I love the pricey hand dyed sock yarn, I also dearly love the now-history Lion Brand sock yarn. Magic Stripes. I think this was the first yarn I used to make socks, and honestly, it makes a pretty, long wearing sock. This is one that I just finished, that I started in the car on the way to Canada. It's for Tim, and somehow I made it bigger than normal so that I had to add a solid color toe (Knit Picks Essentials).

Whew! That's a lot to show you!


Carol said…
I still have some LB yarn for socks! When I bought it, I thought I'd never know how to do socks. Glad I made a sock stash! Yours are really nice! I like the different colored toe, gives it a very special look! Nice haul on the goodies too!
Kim said…
Wow, but you're a busy gal. What a great bunch of goodies! That lucky lurker yarn looks beautiful.