Mystery Solved!

ms 3
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Hey, lookie what I finished!

The Mystery Shawl. My first major lace project. It's now blocking on a sheet in the back yard, and I can hardly wait to take the pins out and see how it looks.

The shadows make the 'wing' part (at the top) look darker than the body part, but it isn't. The theme (if you've been living under a knitting rock for a while) is Swan Lake. I don't really get it, other than the wing of the swan part, but there's a long explanation somewhere.

Anyway, I am proud of myself for attempting this and while it isn't perfect, it's pretty darn nice.


Kim said…
Looks great! I love that color, too!
Carol said…
Wow Kim! It's beautiful! Pretty darned good for your first lace!
Lucy said…
Beautiful work - Many Congrats!
Anne said…
Personally, I think it looks stunning! And I really like the color you chose, too