Quiet Times in the Blogosphere

I've noticed that the blogosphere is quiet...less commenting, less updating of pages...is it just the fall season and the start of normal fall busy-ness?

That said, not much to show here...school was nutty this week and today we had to take Jessie Cat to the vet and drop her off because of inappropriate urination. We hope it is something we can treat and not a behavioral problem, but we'll see. I miss her. It's not right when there's not a Jessie Cat in the house.

Off to SF for an overnight and back tomorrow, hopefully to return with some knitting to show you!


rosy said…
hmm! i know what you mean - i couldn't get motivated and couldn't even think of anything i wanted to say!!
i think i just needed a nudge really - so now i am back!!
tully sends greetings to jessie and hopes all is going well
all the best
Kimberly said…
It seems we all have a multitude of things happening. Maybe it's the back-to-school/fall is here adjustments we all make.

Looking forward to seeing your knitting when you return from your SF trip.
Alyssa said…
Good luck with Jessie Cat's vet visit. We went through something similar with Nemo and thankfully it was a UTI that we could just treat with antibiotics.

I know what you mean about quiet blogosphere. I for one have gone from posting 3 times a weeks to once every two weeks! Yikes! Must be the Oregon weather. :) hehe
Ling said…
I know why I'm quiet - it's the 3 lil ones (school runs, activities and playdates!) and RAVELRY! I'm sure I'll be back to blogging soon!