T minus 13

arwen with tiny sleeve
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Til the first day of classes. Things start to get busy for me here next week so I'm going to try to get some good knitting done in these last few days. I'd really like to finish the mystery shawl (35 rows to go, how about that) and I know the other projects will not get finished as soon, but I've made some good progress.

Arwen. The sleeve is cast on to the front of the cardigan. It looks a bit like a Tim Burton movie sweater, doesn't it? I am still loving the yarn and really enjoing knitting the pattern.

tyc sleeves
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And on the Tangled Yoke Cardigan...I finished the body up to the yoke, and now I"m working on the sleeves. Welcome back, my friends, to the sleeve vortex. Anyway, doing two circular sleeves on two needles at the same time (I've done one, count 'em one pair of socks using this technique) and so far it's gong well. I need to do 72 rows in the garter rib andI'm on row 46 or something like that, then its wooshwooshwoosh stockinette for a bunch more rows. I should probably save this for our Faculty Retreat next week since it is indeed mindless knitting at its finest.

Cody had his third chemo treatment yesterday...he'll get an ultrasound next time to see if anything is happening!


Carol said…
So much good knitting1 Hope you get in a lot of it before THE day comes! Tim Burton sweater ~snort~
rosy said…
good luck, cody, for the ultra sound!!
i'm so glad you took the book list - look forward to reading your 'answers' (i don't recognise some of the books - are they american?)
best wishes
rosy in england
Kimberly said…
Hope the chemo treatment works well and has little to now side effects.

Sounds like you're making good progress on the cardigan!
Ling said…
You're making good progress on the knitting. I'm sure you'll get a few things completed before school starts.
Good luck to Cody for the chemo.