Fun Fun Fan Fan

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This is fun knititng, my friends.

I rarely find knitting so 'fun' that I can't put it down and work on something else. But this is fun. I think it is the challenge of planning out the colors and then finding the right colors on the Noro skein, and that I can knit oneof the fans in about half an hour and have anothe rpuzzle piece completed.

It also makes me wonder about my self-imposed ban on most colorwork. I rarely wear colorful clothes, which limits my colorful knitting (except for socks, of course). But knitting this just makes me happy I think it working with all the gorgeous Noro colors (and I've never rhapsodized about noro before, even about my Lady E.). It is just so fun.

Did I mention it was fun?

Anyway, three of seven rounds now completed on this bag. We watched "Lawrence of Arabia" over the weekend and that movie is great for knitting something to which a tiny bit of attention must be paid. There's a lot of walking around the desert. It was so different than movies today, which was nice for a long weekend.

How was yours?


Carol said…
The weekend was short!;) Aren't they all? The fans look so pretty, I can see why you'd like these! Lawrence of Arabia is one of our faves! I also love what's in the chocolate bin!