I'm a Fan!

fan bag 1.0
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I've had the yarn to cast on for the Felted Stained Glass Fan Bag for quite a while..in fact, every since I saw it at Julia's blog and knew I had to knit this. I have a bunch of different colors of Noro Kureyon that I bought via various eBay sales and finally Monday night I cast on for this beauty. It is sort of like entrelac, only the shape is fans rather than squares. It is really quite ingenious, and incredibly beautiful (if I do say so myself). And honestly, it is so very fun to knit with bright colors for once!

We had a great Thanksgiving. As I mentioned before, we made dinenr for Steve and Jen on Wednesday and took it over there and shared an early Thanksgiving with Evan and his parents. Yesterday, we were lazy in the morning then watched the Dog Show at noon, put up some Christmas lights outside the house, walked the dogs, and then made paella. It was better than last year (which was too fishy) but the rice could use a bit more spice. Some knitting, particularly around the Dog Show, was accomplished.

Today we're off to the Holiday market (this is the first post-TG Friday Tim hasn't had to work in yonks) and then more relaxing! And tomorrow..go Ducks! Rose Bowl! Rose Bowl!


Carol said…
How cool! I just saw the pattern today at Ravelry! It's gonna be a knockout! Happy you guys had a great day yesterday!