Christmas Wishes!

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From everyone at our house to everyone at yours...Merriest of Merry Christmases!

We honestly didn't think our Cody dog would be sharing this Christmas with us, but he is a fighter, and he is enjoying his 11th Christmas with us. In his puppy years, he had to stay in the kitchen behind a baby gate because he became a bit overwhelmed at Christmas. Now he gets his Greenie and is happy as a Christmas clam all day. And the rumor this year is that Santa is bringing sliders for Cody and his sister Juneau.

So we have a lot to celebrate this Christmas: a warm house filled with love and sliders and Greenies and all other manner of Christmas treats. Enjoy the day!


Carol said…
Merry Christmas to you all! Cody is just too adorable, he has that very perfectly lovey doggie face! OK, what are sliders? Gotsta know!