Fan Addict

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I love making these little fans.

I've finished six rounds of fans...36 fans in total, and I still love working on this project. I love figuring out which color would look next to which other colors, and seeing how it all turns out once it is knit up. Three rounds left and then the decreases start, so still quite a bit of knitting on this bag.

I did a quick catalogue of my yarn yesterday to start to stash it all on Ravelry. I did all my sock club yarn and folks, I am all sock yarned up. Really. The decision not to rejoin several sock clubs was a good one.

Today the weather is cold and wet and windy and very, very gloomy, so I'm guessing I'll do a bit of reading and working on the House Sweater. And maybe organizing a bit more yarn.


Carol said…
Sounds like a good plan on a day like that! The fans are gorgeous! It get more beauteous all the time!