A Happy Clappy

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Tim's sister Candace and our niece and nephew Jean and Stephen left yesterday after spending a few soggy days in Oregon. We had fun...good food, a little bowling, and knitting and chatting with Candace, who is really one of the best knitters I know.

I spent a lot of time working on my second Clapotis, modeled in this picture by Juneau's nose. This is such a fun yarn. I'm doing a narrower clappy so it will be more of a scarf than a shawl, and the colors just look so cool together. I'm probably halfway through it right now.

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My current 'mindless knitting' project is a sock using some yarn that came in the mail about a week ago. It is merino-tencel by the Yarn Pirate and the colorway is called Icicle. It is a perfect mix of colors for winter: white, blues and greys, and it is just so pretty I could hardly wait to cast on. This is just a basic, run of the mill sock, nothing special or fancy. The yarn is so soft and enjoyable to knit!

So, have you made any knitting resolutions for 2008? I'm afraid to go check my ones for this year, but let's take a deep breath and see what I wanted to do this year before I tell you mine for next year.

OK, so a year ago I wanted to:

1. knit from stash: hmm. I did OK on that one, but not great.
2. do some designing. hmm. That bug is gone, not sure what I was thinking.
3. do some charity knitting. Which I did. I knit several chemo caps for little kids and did a charity blanket with Jodie.

So this year:

1. Knit from stash.
2. Knit gloves.
3. Knit argyle socks.

Off we go!


Rachel said…
Good luck with your new resolutions! I've been thinking I need to do that sometime before Tuesday...at the very least put down a list of things to knit so I quit being so ADD and having 12 items on needles at one time!

Claotis is looking great..the way those colors merge is pretty cool!
rosy said…
oohh!! I've just been catching up with you, your family and your knitting (been very busy these last few weeks). glad you all had a good christmas. love the clappy colours!
wishing you, tim and all your lovely pets a healthy and happy 2008
rosy x
Carol said…
I like that idea to start the year, "Off we go!".
Carol said…
Oops, Happy New Year!