House Sweater!

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Yes, I do knit things other than the felted fan bag.

Which, by the way, is almost done. I'm on the decrease rounds and it looks great. Can't wait to felt it. Now I'm searching for a good source for leather straps.

But I digress. The House Sweater, from Charmed Knits, is my 'mindless knitting' project that I work on when I'm reading or just too tired to make Little Fans. I finished the front last night and, through the magic of short rows, did a three-needle bind off to join the front to the back.

The pattern itself calls for binding off to do shoulder shaping, but that often makes for a sloppy (for me) shoulder seam so I decided to improvise some short rows and then do a three needle bind off. So far, so good!

Of course, now I move into the impossible land of the Sleeve Vortex, not my favorite place to be, ah well.

This weekend was an odd mix of holiday prep and other stuff. The other stuff being: planting bulbs and weeding the front garden. Very odd to be planting bulbs underneath the Christmas lights. We also picked up our tree from Gray's Garden Center and put it in the stand in the living room. Now the whole house smells wonderfully Yuletide-y. We also wrapped a lot of gifts for out of town family this weekend: I'd post details but don't want to give away secrets. And speaking of secrets, I finished work on Tim's holiday step left. I can't tell ya what it is but if you're on Ravelry go check it out:

And it is the one with 'Holiday' in the title.

This morning I organized all my sock patterns, and now they're living happily in alphabetical order in a notebook on my desk. I'm pretty impressed with myself right now.


zippiknits said…
Ah.. planting bulbs. I'm not going to plant bulbs but some Hollyhocks seeds will go in this week, and I'll prune back the roses. Pruning back belongings this week, too.

Your fan afghan is quite beautiful, you know... :)
Carol said…
I'm loving the sweater. I'll have to check out your Rav stuff too ;) See you there :)