In Which I Finish some Stuff

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Yesterday I was determined to finish several outstanding projects. The fan bag, as you see here, was not that big of a deal to finish...I added the leather straps, and also put in a plastic canvas to keep the bottom shaped. And then I took this incredibly artistic (snort) picture of the bag in the mirror in the bathroom so you could see more than one side. It really is a cool looking bag. And did I mention it was fun to make? I'm almost afraid to start carrying it because if it, oh I don't know, falls apart of something I would be very sad. But I think I have to take this bag outside sooner or later.

This other project was a little longer in the UFO pile. I think I finished this sweater, the Cabernet Ribs sweater from IK, last winter some time. It looks in this picture like a basic black sweater, and that might make you wonder why I couldn't get off my butt and finish it.

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The challenge is (or was) that the sleeves were knit in a laceweight mohair blend (I think you were probably supposed to use KSH, which I didn't) and there is also a vneck insert that is made of the same yarn. The body of the sweater is a basic black yarn held with the laceweight. So it was sort of a pain to sew up the sleeves, and also the vneck insert needed a bit of tightening up after the fact. So it wasn't really a daunting task, just one that wasn't much fun. But it is now done. And here it is.

So this has been sitting on my dresser for months, and now it is happily in a drawer. What this means is that I can cast on for the Diamond Aran as soon as I finish up Tim's present, which will be today or tomorrow!


Sheila E said…
Congrats on getting that off your's cute as can be. You are going to have SOOOO many lovely hand knitted things to wear this holiday season!
Lucky you!;)
Carol said…
Niiice! You're getting so much done here superwoman!
Kim said…
Love the fan bag! It's already on my must-knit list! It's nice to see yours come out so nicely, without a lot of fuss.
SIL said…
Looks great. Jean says "It's cute!"
Rachel said…
Wow--you are a knitting machine lately! I LOVE that bag--it turned out so great!

Rest is a relative term! Flying/hiking around catching elk IS rest in my world! :)