Oh, just a bunch of stuff

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1. Happy Birthday Erin Leann Hackstadt, who was born this morning to our great friends Steve and Jen! We can hardly wait to meet you!

2. I cast on for the Diamond Aran sweater, and included a picture of the Stepford Vogue Knitting model so you can see what it will look like someday.

3. Yes, it is pretty much the same color as my House Sweater. Oops.

4. I do love the yarn I'm using: Jaeger Matchmaker Merino DK.

5. Why is it that when I fall in love with a yarn, it is immediately discontinued?

6. We made our first batch of Christmas cookies last night. Ho Ho Ho!


Jeanne said…
Great pattern - and isn't it always the way that yarn gets discontinued when its something you really like?
Carol said…
It's gonna be a knockout! Stepford model ~snort~ Congrats to your friends on the birth of their daughter!!!