B is for BRrrrrrr

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And Brown.

I started this hat during the second half of the Jets-Packers game and finished it up last night during "The Tudors". As I mentioned earlier, I didn't want Tim to keep wearing his old, store-bought knit hat when he's working in the garage. I won three skeins of Noro Silk Garden and the colorways: browns, rusts, golds and a bit of teal green, seemed good for Tim. He likes it.

Side note: last night while wearing it, he said he felt that he looked like a Longshoreman. I told him I doubted Longshoremen wore items made out of Silk Garden.

Anyway: the pattern is from Ann Budd's Handy Book of patterns, the ribbing is a bit longer than normal since Tim likes to fold the brim around his ears for extra warmth, and it took almost, but not all, of two skeins of Silk Garden. I did this on two circs.

Now, "The Tudors"? We don't have Showtime (or HBO, or any premium channels) so we waited til this came out on DVD and it is a great series. Of course, it greatly highlights our ignorance of English history (and I started reading a biography of Elizabeth 1 that I have had forever last night, just to get more up to speed). Good acting, a little violent but not really, and the production values are fabulous.
Rent this one if you need a good series for these cold winter nights.


Carol said…
Nice hat and it looks great on Tim! I don't know what a Longshoreman looks like ;-) Thanks for the recommend on the Tudors. That type of show is right up my alley! I loved HBO's Elizabeth I, so much so, it was gifted to me. Great for knitting by.
Iron Needles said…
I like the hat, too, and think I will take you up the recommendation of the Tudors. Got to go check Netflix now!
- a fellow abc-er
Lisa Boyer said…
I love this hat! The colors are magnificent!
Sheila E said…
Tim is a Lucky man!!!
The colors suit him to a T!!
Warm feet and Warm head make for a Warm Heart ;)