A Cautionary Tale

I hate weaving in ends. I just hate it. In fact, I have several pairs of socks that I just tuck the ends into the inside of the sock and merrily wear them because, well, I hate weaving in ends.

So yesterday, I'm wearing a pair of socks for the first time. I had recently given them a vinegar bath to set the dye, and I put them on and they felt great. Blah blah blah through the day, kept my shoes on for many hours, then came home and shed the shoes and found....

Toes! Toes stitcking out of the end of the sock because, since I didn't weave the ends in, the toe just sort of unravelled on me.

So I took an hour, unravelled the toe down about an inch and a half, and reknit the toe. And then wove in every single @#$^ end that I could find.

Thought you might like to know.


kittenchasesyarn said…

that's priceless, thank you so much for the giggle.
technikat said…
Ah, our bad habits come back to bite us, don't they.

Love you yellow and grey socks. They really look comfy.
Carol said…
~snort~ Wouldn't it be great to just knit up the pieces and toss them at your own personal finsher? Thanks for living the lesson for us, you're a real pal!
Jeanne said…
Oh no! I didn't even think that could happen - so lucky you could fix it.