Baby Got Back

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I finished the back of the Diamond Aran, and honestly I can't believe that I really knit is so cool looking (if I do say so myself). I started on the right hand side and I'm about a fourth of the way done (thank you, cnn democratic debate) and hopefully the Superbowl will help me accomplish quite a bit more.

Our winter wonderland has melted into our usual cold, wet Oregon was nice to have the snow around but even nicer to have non-icy streets again. Once the snow melted, it was amazing to see all the spring flowers pushing their little heads up!

My computer at work got fried yesterday...all due to a 5 second power outage. I felt a little lost without a computer in my office yesterday but managed to recover enough to throw a bunch of crap out of my office. Can't complain too much about that.


Carol said…
I always get more done at home when I don't turn on the PC-which is hardly ever ;-)
Jeanne said…
The sweater is gorgeous - great cables!
Lisa Boyer said…
Wow...look at your cables! That is impressive!

Sending you warm thoughts from warm Kauai (although it is raining here right now, too....)