The Blue Top

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While it looks like a big blue sack, this blue top actually looks good on.

It is a pattern that is heavily modified from a VK fair isle sweater pattern. It is knit in three pieces...the back, an assymetrical front, and a small piece (upper right hand part of front) to complete the front.

If that makes any sense.

It has longer-than-average ribbing which gives it a nice fit at the waist, and applied i-cord around the neck, the armholes, across the seams (bad seaming more stepped shoulders for this knitter) and then some icord attached to the seam between the two front pieces.

At some point, I'll cut off all the danglies.

Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, a seconds dyelot, and it feels great.

And I finished something!


Carol said…
You're a regular knitting machine these days! Can't wait to see it on!
Irie said…
Great job - I like the design! Can't wait to see the final result! :)

Is it a trick of the camera, or is there a slight color change just below the armpit?
Kim in Oregon said…
Oy! I'm pretty sure that is a trick of the light!