Diamonds are Forever

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The Diamond Aran had its debut yesterday. It is hard to show the details on the sweater in a single picture, but here you can see the pretty sleeve details, all pointy like!

It is a beautiful sweater and quite warm, so luckily we have a blustery day yesterday when I could wear it. The color is especially nice.

Yesterday was the last day of winter term and my graduate class had a poster session which was a huge success. This has been one of my favorite classes of all time in my teaching career, what a treat for me! So next week is finals week (grading, meetings) and the week after that is spring break (conference in Cali). Generally, this is the tough time of year since there is very little downtime between the two terms. I think I'm pretty much all set for Spring term; now i just need to get set for the conference.

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And speaking of treats....I had mentioned my love of the Easter Candy "Birds Nests" the other day and thought I'd take a stab at creating them myself. Now, I'm not much of a cook, and creating these involved basically:
-melting a bag of chocolate chips
-stirring in a bag of coconut
-pressing them into nest shapes
-putting jelly beans on the top
-putting them in the fridge to harden.

My guess is that unsweetened coconut will make a more 'authentic' birds nest than the sweetned I used, but I'll cope.

Thanks for playing the movie game. I'm still looking for answers on #1, #3, #9 and #10!


Carol said…
The sweater looks fabulous! You did such a great job on it! Love the pointy sleeves! Sorry for all the !s I'm a little excited ;-)
Still looking for Bird's Nests!
Beverly said…
Your sweater us fabu! It looks great on you and so does the color.
Lisa Boyer said…
Your Diamond Aran is glorious! Thanks for the picture! And I could eat one o' them little birdie nests right now, jelly eggs and all....
l.ementary said…
I never would have guessed that that was something you made yourself! I am only capable of doing things that are square or rectangle. I wish I'd looked closer Friday!