So, I finished the 'big pink tube' last night (the Snow White pattern). I tried it on. I looked in the mirror. And thought the following thoughts:

1. Maybe I should have thought twice about knitting a pattern named after a Disney character.
2. Ribbing can be problematic on Women with Chests.
3. Sleeves that flare out that are even half an inch too short look geeky.
4. Maybe blocking with help?
5. Maybe not

So I'm putting it away for a while. I'll sew in the ends, I'll block it, I'll put on a different undergarment, and I"ll try it again. Stay tuned.


Carol said…
Jeeze, that bites Kim. Look at it this way, all the recent knits you made that you're really with, you're bound to have something done you don't like. You're still way ahead!
Kim in Oregon said…
Carol, I was thinking that yesterday too. I've been on a good roll, and this is just a wee bump on the way.
Kim said…
Oh, that is disappointing. My hopes lie with the different undergarment....