E is for eleven plus one

E is for eleven plus one
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Today is Cody's 12th birthday, or his Eleventh plus One birthday in honor of the ABC along.

In true fashion, we totally forgot it was his birthday until we were walking the pups after dinner when it hit me. That's OK. Cody had a good day....this morning he ate a little bit of plastic (long story, but nothing to worry about...this is a dog that eats ring markers) and so he had a tortilla for lunch just to keep things moving through his system. He also had a nice walk and a visit with some neighbor dogs at the park. As most of you know, 9 months ago we didn't think he'd be here for this date. We're thrilled he is, and continue to cherish every day he wakes up feeling good. Happy Birthday little guy! We love you so..

My Diamond Aran is blocking after a disastrous and unsuccessful attempt to make celtic knot closures. Please don't ask.

I've been working on two pairs of socks where I"ve managed to drop stitches on one sock in each of the pairs. Anybody think my knitting mojo is a little off?


Steve H. said…
Happy Birthday, Cody!
Love, Gauss (who turned 9 the day before your birthday)
zippiknits said…
Happy Birthday to you, Cody!

This is from Jazz, and I'll be twelve, if I make it, in June. Stay healthy big golden dog and watch out for that plastic. Whooo!
smernst@juno.com said…
Happiest of Birthday wishes to Sir Cody...look at that Sweet face...he's Home and Happy!!
My Best to all the family ;)
Alyssa said…
Happy birthday wishes to Cody! 12! That's so great. :)
Carol said…
Happy Birthday Cody!!! sshhh, Don't tell mom you buried her knitting mojo with your bone ;-)