F is for Finished Fantasy (Naturelle)

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Man, that ABC along can kick one's butt, can't it?

Luckily, I have an F. I finished this little top in Fantasy Naturelle. It is a VK design from a few years back that was designed for ribbon yarn...I made one when it first came out in Berroco Zen. The pattern name, I believe, is Mandarin Blouse. I made a few revisions, especially around the neckline which had what is probably known as a mandarin collar but I just did some applied i-cord and called it a day.

I like it. It was knit in one piece up to the armholes which of course I like. I did short rows at the shoulders instead of a stepped bind off and thus did a three needle bind off for the shoulders (no other way to do shoulders in this knitter's book). It is a bit heavy....it is 100% cotton...but should be pretty breathable.

Off to a conference for a few days.


Carol said…
Oooo! That's nice! I can't believe how fast you're getting all these things done!
Irie said…
Very nice!!!