Sunday, March 09, 2008

Feeling Curmudgeonly

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I sort of hate Daylight Savings...not sure what the point of falling back a few days ago only to spring forward today, when it isn't even spring.

And Easter? Why is it in two weeks? Shouldn't it be in Spring? Like April spring? The only good thing about having Easter this early is that one of my favorite candies of all time, Chocolate Birds Nests, have been at the store since Valentine's Day.

Edited to add, for Carol: If you're not familiar with the glory that is a Russell Stove Bird's Nest, here is a link:
Birds Nests .

And Ravelry? It's just too much. I can't keep up with the forums AND with posting my stash AND with posting my works in progress AND with connecting my blog posts to my stash AND my works in progress. I. just. can't.

But what I can do...and I never thought I use the 'queue' feature to figure out what I wanted to knit and what yarn I had in the stash to kntt with us. I took a little photo so you could see my spring knitting plans. A bit proud of myself over this.

But then. I couldn't figure out where to start? Do I start withsomething that will take me a long time, or something that I can whip out fairly fast in order to move on to another project? And the problem with that is that the fast stuff is sleeveless, and I can rarely do sleeveless here until May or June. So it would just be sitting around.

I finally said "just pick something" so I cast on for the Mandarin top using Fantasy Naturelle. Just because I've knit this before, and this top is one of the first things that I thought looked not-"Happy Hands at Home" as Tim Gunn would say. So I'm knitting another.

I worked on it last night during "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford", a 2 hour 40 minute movie that I thought we'd give up on....but it was really a terrific movie. It really builds a great picture of the two main characters...Jesse James and Robert Ford...although i have to admit there were a lot of minor characters that I just couldn't keep straight. Luckily it didn't matter all that much. Anyway...if you're looking for a good, long movie, think about that one.
It is a wee bit bloody but nothing you can't deal with if you've ever watched The Sopranos or The Wire.

Enjoy your Sunday-with-one-less-hour everyone!


Carol said...

Keeping up is a big job! I can not either. I need to be knitting! What are these Chocolate Bird's Nests? I'm intrigued.

Lisa Boyer said...

Sorry you're feeling overwhelmed. I can't spend too much time on Ravelry because I just get lost there--two hours later, I wonder what happened to those two hours that I could have spent actually knitting something! It's just too addictive. But I love it!!! I've learned only to go there when I want to start a new project--otherwise, I'll be collecting all day and feeling overwhelmed.

Jeanne said...

Birds Nest..yum. I can't spend a lot of time on Ravelry - I get sucked in and then I end up with 10 more things on my queue. And I agree - it is way to early for Daylight Saving time and Easter. I hate losing the hour!

Beverly said...

Ravelry can be such a time suck but I love it! I was using Knitable to catalogue everything before Ravelry came along and I still do.

I love checking out the projects.

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